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Libro ebook World Evangelisation - That All May Hear, S van 't Slot
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A growing number of churches across the world are (re)discovering God s heartbeat for the total evangelisation of our globe. Many of these use different ways and methods to teach their congregations the importance of the Great Commission that Jesus gave. One of the activities in this context is that churches or denominations organise an annual world evangelisation conference. The impact of such conferences should not be underestimated: many people from the congregation and from outside are confronted with world missions for the first time in their lives. They meet real missionaries, see exotic clothes, eat strange food and see pictures of far-away countries. They hear about the struggles missionaries go through on their fields, e.g. the hardships of language learning, the discouragement of only few converts, security issues in restricted-access nations, threats of tropical diseases, etc. Once such an event is over, what has been gained? People will be reminded to pray for their missionaries more often, and know more about their needs, they will give more logistical, moral and financial support at least some of them. Most of them however, will need quite some time to become missions-educated and therefore it is very important that they receive regular new input concerning world evangelisation. World mission conferences, useful as they are, are still no more than an event, whereas world missions itself is an ongoing process, one that needs to become a daily practised part of local and national church life. One way of achieving this is to teach about world evangelisation.In this volume, the first three chapters deal with the Biblical mandate, the history, geography and ethnology of world missions. The second group of three shows some of the major barriers missionaries must cross to reach the people on their mission fields. The third group of three gives ideas for how local churches, together with missionary-sending agencies, can become more involved in working out the Great Commission. The final chapter deals with the question whether Christianity is a white man's religion and with the dependency issues many churches in the Developing World face. May the Lord bless and help you to fulfil His plan for your life. Be available to fulfil His purpose and we will soon see the unreached reached with the Gospel. The present text is presented in a more global context, instead of a dominantly African one. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to use this tool to mobilise the Church in the Developing World to recruit, train and send missionaries to the least reached people groups on earth.
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